Prize-winning journalist and author of Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger, Kelly Cogswell set out from Kentucky armed only with an electric typewriter, a stack of poems, and willingness to scrape by as a maid, dishwasher, prep cook and temporary secretary.

In New York, following an unscheduled (and naked) performance that stunned the NYU Department of Performance Studies, she decided to put her Medusa-like powers to good use, first as a lesbian activist, and later, as an independent journalist and monger of extremely underground art.

Co-founder and co-editor of The Gully online magazine (2000-2006), her work has appeared in a range of venues including the International Herald Tribune, EatingWell, Louisville's Courier-Journal, and THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine. Her column in New York's Gay City News has been recognized by the New York Press Association.

She was awarded the Joan Heller-Diane Bernard Fellowship for her project documenting the Lesbian Avengers. And her book, Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger was a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award, a Publishing Triangle Award, and was also featured on The 2015 Over the Rainbow Project book list.

Her most recent project is a short memoir in French, L'exil: Carnets de Fally Dogswell (Exile: The Notebooks of Fally Dogswell), a diary transformed into a meditation on memory, language, and foreigness itself.

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