kelly cogswell
2017- present Content provider and media strategist

Offers everything from website texts to social media posts, and press releases; creates web-based campaigns with coherent, engaging narratives

2007- present Independent journalist

Specializes in society, culture, and politics. Credits include International Herald Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal, Huffington Post , EatingWell, THIS WAY OUT: the international lesbian & gay radio magazine

Columnist, Gay City News, New York
2001- present President & CEO, Homocom Corporation, an LGBT communications project
2007-2009 Video Journalist, Two for the Road web films, Paris.
2000-06 Co-editor, co-founder, The Gully online magazine, "Queer views on everything." In English and Spanish.
2018 Lecture as a Poynter Fellow in Journalism
Yale University
Citizen Dyke: Community, Media, and the Age-Old Seduction of Hate
New Haven, CT

2017 Featured Speaker, Yale Divinity School
Last Lesbian Standing: Language, Community-Building, and the Meaning of the Universe, 25 years after the Lesbian Avengers
New Haven, CT

Film presentation, talk
1st European Lesbian Conference
Vienna, Austria

2015 Featured Speaker, Kentucky Women's Book Festival
How to Write a Radical Memoir and Survive Louisville, KY

Featured speaker, panelist
Lesbian activism, video activism
Pink Life QueerFest, Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey


"A great success. The Dana Room was standing-room-only. Cogswell herself was mesmerizing in a quiet-confidence type of way, and the film she showed was engaging and educational and funny and inspiring."

"Her talk was so inspiring -- I really still vividly remember the looks on my students' faces."


2018 Poynter Fellow, Yale University

New York Press Association, Gay City News, first prize columnist

2017 New York Press Association, Gay City News, recognition for column
M.A. coursework, New York University, Dept. Performance Studies, NYC
B.A. English & Art. Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky

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Web Content

screen grab Rainbow War

Webtext for a film-in-progress
Intro, bios, fundraising materials.

It seemed innocent enough, using games and songs to teach little kids to respect each other in 1990's New York. But instead of reducing tension in a city ravaged by hate... [more]

Media Strategist

la lucha graffiti

Shaped narrative, identified lobbying targets, created content
Site text, social media posts, video.

For many of us, the HDFC program was the only road to homeownership, so we took a chance...
About (pdf) Learn (pdf), Join Us (pdf), video


kelly and mom

Truth and Reconciliation (GCN)
"I took it as a sign of hope, a reminder of how much the South has changed despite the gerrymandering by bigots trying to turn back time." [More]

Letter From Paris: Jesus Over France (The Gully)
Fashion and food and art may have put Paris on the map, but for me the city is all about demonstrations. [More]


Karen Thompson, Innocence Project
photo: Kelly Cogswell

Lezzies at Large: The Innocence Project's Karen Thompson (GCN)
"Does self-defense not count if you’re a dyke of color from New Jersey?” [More]

A Voice from Gay Ghana (GCN)
Last year, Richard, now only 20, was forced to flee the country after a lifetime of harassment and abuse. [More]


Dyke March World Pride Toronto
photo: Kelly Cogswell

20 Photos of the Fabulous World Dyke March (Toronto 2014) (Huff Post)


photo, press conference
photo: Kelly Cogswell

War Against Queers in Nigeria (GCN)
It’s been one year since an anti-gay bill passed in Nigeria banning same-sex marriages that nobody was lobbying for... [More]


Dyke March World Pride Toronto
photo: Kelly Cogswell

A Focus on Margarita Lopez (The Laundry podcast)
An in-depth interview with former New York City council member and out Latina lesbian, Margarita Lˇpez.

One Gay Vet: A History of Change (This Way Out)

Gay and Puerto Rican: Three Voices of Change (This Way Out)


Interviewee, Felix

HDFC Voices - Felix
Felix is a Vietnam vet, social worker, and proud HDFC owner. Now he stands to lose his home.

Lezzies At Large: A Coversation with Innocence Project's Karen Thompson (GCN)

Elvis Fans in Paris (IHT)

Bastille Day, Paris 2007 (IHT)

Kelly Goes to the Fair (Courier-Journal)