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An interview in Ankara, Turkey.

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"A great success. The Dana Room was standing-room-only. Cogswell herself was mesmerizing in a quiet-confidence type of way, and the film she showed was engaging and educational and funny and inspiring."

"Her talk was so inspiring -- I really still vividly remember the looks on my students' faces."

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Eating Fire: My Life As a Lesbian Avenger
Book presentation and look at one activist's life spanning the twenty years from the Culture Wars through the War on Terror. Reading. Q & A.

Film Showing: Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too (1993)
Rare footage of dyke actions, plus interviews offering insight into the group that inspired a global movement. Film showing, Q & A.

The Art of Being A Lesbian Avenger
A look at their groundbreaking work, shaped by the East Village crucible of queer art, queer activism, and queer identity.

Direct Action: What Is it good for?
The LGBT community has a long history of street activism. Do these types of protests still make sense? When are they effective? Lecture and discussion, and/or workshop.

Resistance Is Futile—Unless it's on YouTube
Social change, resistance, and the importance of DIY media. An essential and eclectic overview.

Having the Last Word
A conversation or workshop about writing by and for the downtrodden, vengeful, and impatient. Includes memoir, journalism, fiction.

Immigrant Experience
Close observations of the immigrant experience, seen inside and out. Plus homophobia as a machine of exile.

Activism and Immigrant Ideas
Considering the Lesbian Avengers as a global queer project, affected by and affecting other movements worldwide.

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CV - Resumé
2007- Columnist, Gay City News, New York
Independent journalist and VJ (video journalist), specializing in society, culture, and politics. Credits include International Herald Tribune, Louisville Courier-Journal, Huffington Post
2007-2009 Video Journalist, Two for the Road web films, Paris.
2001- President & CEO, Homocom Corporation, an LGBT communications project
2000-06 Co-editor, co-founder, The Gully online magazine, "Queer views on everything." In English and Spanish.
2017 Featured Speaker, Yale Divinity School
Last Lesbian Standing: Language, Community-Building, and the Meaning of the Universe, 25 years after the Lesbian Avengers
New Haven, CT

Film presentation, talk
1st European Lesbian Conference
Vienna, Austria

2015 Featured Speaker, Kentucky Women's Book Festival
How to Write a Radical Memoir and Survive Louisville, KY

Featured speaker, panelist
Lesbian activism, video activism
Pink Life QueerFest, Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey

2014 Featured Speaker, Journée d'étude: Publics en mouvement (Day of Study: The Public in Motion), L'université de Paris 2, Paris, France (in French)

Direct Action: What is it good For? The DC Center for the LGBT Community

Film screening, reading, Q & A, Human Rights Campaign, Washington, DC

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2013 The Lesbian Avengers: Activism and the Imagination, Lecture, CUNY Kingsborough

Lesbian Avengers and the Art of Being a Superhero, Lecture, movie screening, Rutgers/Newark

2012 Panel, moderator, The Lesbian Avengers and the East Village, Crucible of Change, Dixon Place Lounge, NYC
2011 Lecture: The Lesbian Avengers and Street Activism, Indiana University Southeast
2009 The Art of Protest: The Elements of Successful Street Actions, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Harvard University

"LesGay-Legal-Letal" Matadero, Madrid

Panel, L'Arme du rire Espace Bagdam, Festival du Printemps lesbien, Toulouse

2015 New York Press Association, Gay City News, recognition for column
2010 Bernard-Heller Fellowship, Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, CUNY
2008 New York Press Association, Gay City News, recognition for column
2007 New York Press Association, Gay City News, recognition for health coverage.
1989-90 M.A. coursework, New York University, Dept. Performance Studies
1984-88 B.A. English & Art. Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.