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From Ankara, Turkey, an interview with Kelly Cogswell on the Lesbian Avengers, her book Eating Fire, queer Turkey, and the importance of civil liberties for LGBT activism.

In this excerpt, writer and activist Kelly Cogswell examines the different roles activists and institutions play in social change, and why it's still important to take to the street. From her March 21, 2014 appearance at HRC's Equality Forum in DC.


Books du Jour: Episode 9: Of Dust and Guts
This week's episode of "Books du Jour," includes Kelly Cogswell who has written a memoir of blood, sweat and spit, "Eating Fire." Gwen Edelman's "The Train to Warsaw," takes you on a ride down the tricky memory lane of the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. And John Wareham talks about, "How to Survive a Bullet in the Heart."

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Lesbian Avengers and the Art of Being a Superhero
"Her talk was so inspiring to the students--I really still vividly remember the looks on my students' faces."
Dr. Jyl Josephson
Women's and Gender Studies
Rutgers University, Newark

"A great success. The Dana Room was standing-room-only. Cogswell herself was mesmerizing in a quiet-confidence type of way, and the film she showed was engaging and educational and funny and inspiring."
Mark Crasovic
Associate Director
Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience
Rutgers University, Newark

Workshop: Direct Action: What Is It Good For?
"Kelly powerfully paints a picture of an earlier time, not that long ago, when the LGBT community was finding our voice. And she illustrates powerfully the role that direct action played."
David Mariner
Executive Director
The DC Center for the LGBT Community

Film Screening and Discussion
"The evening was a resounding successs. Kelly has a natural gift for educating audiences while remaining entertaining and enlightening."
Carl J. Graci
Operations Coordinator
Human Rights Campaign